Sunday, July 28, 2013

Silenced by Kristina Ohlsson

Frederika Bergman is the protagonist in this Swedish mystery.  She and her team attempt to solve the double murder of a professor who rallies around immigrant issues and refugees.  The first chapter of this book had the most impact-an eerie, imagery filled narrative of the murder victims' daughter's rape, committed by a refugee whom the victim was helping.  The rest of the book pales in comparison to the beginning.  I was more and more disappointed as I read on, hoping that there would be an unanticipated turn of events, but in the end the author chose a conclusion that really did not tie in with the motives or characterization in the book.  The critics compared Ohlsson to Jo Nesbo.  I can see after starting a Nesbo book that Ohlsson really tries to emulate his style, but is unsuccessful.